Lofoten Gallery aspire to create an innovative and unique collection from the unique area Lofoten. A nature of arts. Our philosophy is that art covers the whole range of human creation and we aim to explore and demonstrate this. During the seasons, we will host group and solo exhibitions.

Lofoten i skifer og metall av Johs Røde

It is important for us to communicate at a human level with both our artists and you, our customers. Friendly relationships build mutual respect that helps us run an effective, professional business. Our priorities include improving our services in creative and inventive ways, that mirror our artist’s approaches, enhance their work and are increasingly attractive to our customers.

In Lofoten Gallery, we are promoting art from and about Lofoten and creativity by hosting a wide range of artists from all the world. In this way, we can highlight many different personal artistic “signatures”. Our artists range from mature, known artists who have won awards, represented Lofoten worldwide and been exhibited in museums and public places, to talented newcomers. We can give each of them the right place to display their work and be seen by art lovers. At our premises, you will always find a choice of paintings, sculptures and art objects, which are constantly being renewed.